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Endless Magic Mosaics Blocks

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Endless design possibilities!

250 blocks in 8 precise geometric shapes combine in hundreds of ways to create an infinite number of fascinating patterns and designs.

Mandalas, boats, buildings, creatures, people - Anything you can imagine! And once you start, you can't stop.

Each combination creates another angle. For every angle you create, there's always a block that fits. And for every block you fit into place, a boost of satisfaction rushes through the mind, urging you to keep building and exploring!

Motor skills, problem solving, creativity, experimentation - Discover the beautiful, brain-strengthening power of geometry with this Mosaics Blocks.


  • Set of 250 blocks in 8 geometric shapes for building designs and patterns
  • Encourages fine motor skills, planning, creativity, spatial reasoning, math skills
  • Experience the creative potential of basic geometry!
  • Vibrant colors add an extra touch of beauty to your creations
  • Recreate the designs printed in the instruction pamphlet - Then create your own!
  • Shapes include hexagon, trapezoid, trapezoid with half-circle cutout, half circle, square, small rhombus, big rhombus, triangle - Colors: red, green, purple, natural, blue, yellow, blue, orange
  • Includes 250 blocks total - Packaged in sturdy, reusable bucket with plastic lid and handle
  • Blocks made entirely of high quality, solid wood - Painted with nontoxic paint
  • Hexagon measures 1.75 x 2 x 0.375 inches