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Magnetic Metropolis Creative Set

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Magnetism, math, color, and creativity combine for a beautiful learning experience!

Pick up these tiles and, just like the magnets built into the edges of each shape, you're immediately drawn into hours of creative construction exploration.

Build houses. Build towers. Build vehicles, people, animals, abstract structures - Anything! - It's extremely difficult to stop once you've started.

Meanwhile, little do young builders know, there are loads of educational lessons happening right beneath their fingers.

Geometry, mathematics, physics, science - The more you explore these tiles, the more you'll learn about the world around you!

Discover how and what shapes can be combined to build all kinds of simple and complex polygons. Experience the principles of magnetism while playing out an exciting lesson in trial and error.

Try building next to the window - Sunlight shines through the spectral, translucent colors, teaching kids all about color combinations and - if you look closely - light refraction.

There are so many things to learn with these tiles! - And with 100 tiles included in this kit, the learning never stops!

Pass out tiles to an entire classroom for an exciting hands-on learning experience. Get all of your friends and family together for a cooperative construction adventure. OR - Simply play on your own and become the architect of an entire magnetic metropolis.

With all of the tiles able to connect and hold strong at any angle imaginable, the possibilities are endless!

Fill your hands with true architectural creativity while inspiring a higher level of ingenuity with them.


  • Set of 100 colorful tiles built with magnets in the edges for easy construction
  • Encourages fine motor skills, visual-spatial skills, creativity, heightened math skills
  • A truly beautiful, tactile, creative learning experience
  • Magnets built into edges - Tiles can connect easily from any angle
  • Create designs on a flat surface or build in 3-D
  • Explore concepts in geometry, math, physics, magnetism, science, and more
  • Loads of tiles - Great for classroom lessons or group creative play
  • Build by a window to see colors light up in a spectral display
  • Includes 50 small squares, 4 large squares, 15 isosceles triangles, 11 right triangles, 20 equilateral triangles, idea sheet
  • Large squares measure 6 inches on each side
  • Small squares measure 3 inches on each side
  • Exceptional, high-quality design and construction with strong, long-lasting materials