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Montessori Shape Sorting Puzzle

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  • SMOOTH AND ROUND: Select natural New Zealand pine wood, retain the log flavor, warm touch, each fitting of the column is treated with round edges.
  • SUPER VALUE PRESCHOOL MATH TOYS: Our math game is equipped with 1 wooden board, 5 wooden stakes, 6 double-sided pattern cards, 24 arithmetic cards, 35 rings, and 1 storage bag. A good toy for children to learn math.
  • DEVELOPING CHILDREN'S SKILLS: Bright colors promote brain development and attract children to play. It can also stimulate children's imagination, exercise fine motor skills and eye hand coordination ability.
  • PLAY METHOD: Select the number to be calculated from the arithmetic card, place rings of different colors on the pile according to the formula, match the color ring with the cartoon card to complete the picture, or create different patterns with the color ring, such as letters, numbers, flowers, etc.