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Self-Correcting Number Puzzles

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Number skills are sure to fall right into place with this quality wooden puzzle set!

Count the number of brilliant objects pictured on one of the cards and then find the matching number card. Each jigsaw connection is unique, so if the puzzle pieces fit together, you know you got it right!

With quality wooden construction, smooth precision-cut design, and vivid, high-interest graphics - there's no doubt - the Self-Correcting Number Puzzles set is a more-than-ideal number learning delight.

Self-Correcting Number Puzzles
  • Set of 20 two-piece puzzles for matching numbers with amounts
  • Encourages fine motor skills, number skills, counting skills
  • Jigsaw connections are completely unique - If they fit together, you know you got it right!
  • Count your way up from 1 to 20!
  • Vibrant illustrations help the brain learn
  • Includes 20 two-piece number puzzles, wooden storage tray
  • High-quality wood materials and construction - Lasting durability