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Z-shaped Newton's Cradle

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The classic Newton's Cradle with a unique, Z-shaped frame!

Named after Sir Isaac Newton, the discoverer of the laws of physics, the Newton's Cradle demonstrates the law of conservation of momentum and energy via a series of swinging spheres.

When a sphere on one end is lifted and released, the resulting force travels through the other spheres in the line and launches the opposite sphere upward!

Experience the mesmerizing beauty of physics in action with this Newton's Cradle.


  • Classic Newton's Cradle with a unique, Z-shaped frame
  • Inspires an interest in physics and scientific exploration
  • Lift and release a sphere from one end - Force travels through line, launches opposite sphere
  • Includes one Newton's Cradle
  • Measures 4.75 x 5.75 x 6 inches
  • High-quality materials and construction